5 Free Hazmat Practice Tests Worth Your Time

Hazmat practice tests are great ways to prepare to take the Hazmat endorsement test.

Like most licensing tests, the Hazmat endorsement test is a series of multiple-choice questions. The test is based off of information in the “Hazardous Materials” section of the Commercial Driver License Manual.

While it’s always a good idea to study the manual, you also need to develop a sense of what the test will be like in order to pass.

There are lots of services out there that offer paid training courses and paid practice tests. And while many of them are worth it, there are also a number of quality, easily accessible, free CDL Hazmat practice tests available on the web that can help you pass the test. Below are five of our favorites.

1. CDLTEST.co’s Free Hazmat Practice Tests

CDLTEST.co has two practice Hazmat tests. The first is a 34-question multiple-choice test, which includes a few true-and-false questions. The second is a 45-question test with exclusively true-and-false questions.

Both tests serve up their questions one by one and tell you if you selected the correct answer after you file your answer. If you get a question wrong, though, you are out of luck. In the first place, the tests don’t tell you the correct answer. Second, just like the actual Hazmat test, they won’t let you go back to review previous questions. This makes these practices tests close simulations of the actual Hazmat endorsement test, albeit ones that tell you if you get a question right or wrong as you go along.

Fortunately, the tests do reveal the correct answers once you complete them. After you answer the last question, you receive a report with a summary of the questions, your answers, and the correct answers, so you can review and assess any areas for improvement.

2. CDL Hazmat Practice Tests from Truckers Report

Truckers Report also offers two Hazmat practice tests: a 10-question quiz and a timed 30-question test. The link for the 10-question quiz was broken last we checked, but the timed 30-question test alone is worth the visit. Delivering questions one by one, this test also includes a countdown clock to simulate real test-taking conditions and give you a sense of how you might respond to the pressure.

Plus, the 30-question test is made up of a random sampling of questions from a larger database of questions. That means that each time you take a Truckers Report practice test, you get something different.

3. Crist CDL Training Center’s Hazmat Practice Tests

Crist CDL Training Center has seven sample tests of 10 questions each on its website. All of the questions for each test are displayed on one web page so you can fill them all out before submitting your answers. Once you do, the website returns all ten questions with your answers and the correct answers clearly labeled on a single page.

This format makes the Crist CDL Training Center tests more like an interactive study guide than a free hazmat practice test simulation, since the correct answers are shown and explained. Overall, the Crist CDL practice tests are a great resource for drivers who are just beginning to study or who need a refresher.

4. Hazmat CDL Practice Tests from Trucking Truth

Like the Crist CDL tests, Trucking Truth has put together a series of 10-question tests. To date, they have 14 separate tests for a total of 140 free sample questions.

Unlike Crist, though, Trucking Truth delivers questions one at a time, much like CDLTEST.co and Truckers Report. But the Trucking Truth tests not only tell you if your answers are right or wrong as you go along, they also give you the option of looking up the answers. When you do, the site also gives you an excerpt from the Commercial Driver License Manual so you can review where the answers come from.

At the end of a Trucking Truth Hazmat practices test, the site gives you links back to all the questions and answers from the test you just took, showing you your answer and the correct answer side by side so you can easily review.

5. CB39.org’s Free CDL Hazmat Practice Tests

CB39.org has six free Hazmat practice tests. Three are general sample tests of 20 questions each. They deliver questions one by one and allow you to go back to previous questions to re-read them or change your answers before you submit anything for final scoring.

At the end of the tests, you get reports that tell you which of your answers were correct. Strangely, these reports don’t tell you what the right answers are to the questions you got wrong; they just inform you that you were incorrect.

What distinguishes the CB39.org test offerings, though, are the three tests keyed to different sections in the Commercial Driver License Manual:

  • First Section – The Intent of the Regulations, Hazardous Materials Transportation and Communication Rules
  • Second Section – Communication Rules and Loading and Unloading
  • Third Section – Bulk Packaging Marking, Loading and Unloading, Hazardous Materials – Driving and Parking Rules and Hazardous Materials – Emergencies

These help you get a sense of the types of questions that will be asked about each subject and can be really useful if, during the course of your studying, you identify that you need to improve in certain areas.

Good Luck on Your CDL Hazmat Test!

We hope these recommendations help you study for your CDL endorsement test. We’ve reviewed dozens of free tests available online and found that the five mentioned above had the most comprehensive questions and useful features.

There are lots of free options out there, though. If you have one you like, please tell us about it by finding us on Facebook and posting a comment with a link.

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