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Introducing the New Solo OTR Pay Scale

On March 6, PAM officially raised the base pay cap for our Company Solo OTR Drivers. Why? Because our Driver Advisory Council said it was time to raise the pay bar for OTR truck drivers who are essential to keeping America moving.

PAM listened, and we’re paying it forward with annual Solo OTR Driver rate increases up to $0.45 CPM. But we’re not stopping there. PAM now offers multiple bonus and pay incentives, such as our quarterly Solo Performance Bonus that can add up to an additional $.10 CPM. Plus, OTR Solo Drivers who become PAM Mentors can earn up to $.55 CPM with a student in the truck! 

New OTR Solo Drivers will get four pay increases in their first year and will continue to see a CPM increase each year after. Visit for full details about the new pay scale, including when and how you can earn more pay.

Here are just a few more reasons why it pays to partner with PAM as an OTR Solo Driver.

More Quarterly Bonuses Add Up to More Truck Driver CPM

NEW Company Solo OTR Bonus

PAM OTR Solo Drivers can now earn up to $2,500 for the miles they run between January 1 and March 31.

To receive the bonus, you must:

  • Run a set number of miles.
  • Have no preventable accidents or CSA violations.
  • Be employed at PAM Transport on the day of payout, April 16, 2021.

NEW Mentor Bonus

With the new Mentor Bonus, drivers earn $450 for every successful student upgrade on top of the regular pay! Receive this pickup bonus through March 31, when a new student comes onboard to train — plus another bonus once that student has upgraded and successfully meets their 30 day milestone. What’s more, drivers who become mentors during this time will receive $1,500 when they pick up their first student.

Quarterly RPM Bonus: Refer to PAM for Money

Thanks to our quarterly RPM bonus program, PAM truck drivers can win an extra $2,500 by referring drivers to join our PAMily before March 31, 2021. In the last year, PAM drivers have earned nearly $112,000 in referral bonuses.

For each new hire you introduce to PAM, you can earn:

  • $1,800 for Company Driver referrals.
  • $1,000 for Owner Operator referrals.
  • $1,500 for Owner Operator Team referrals.

Visit to learn how this referral program can help you earn more pay, plus the chance to win an extra $2,500 in cash!

Increase Your Fuel Efficiency & Driver Pay: Mission MPG Bonuses

Did you know that PAM Transport awards over $600,000 annually in cash and prizes through our MISSION MPG program?

PAM truck drivers can earn extra bonuses and cash prizes for monitoring their fuel efficiency and for getting the highest MPG possible. Drivers compete against other company drivers and those that perform in the top 40%, 25% and 10% of their peer group and are eligible to win top prizes.  

Quarterly prizes include cash bonuses, iPhones, iPads and Visa gift cards. The Grand Prize Winner receives a Harley Davidson, and four runners up receive Honda ATVs.

To learn more about MISSION MPG, or to enroll in the program, send an email to with the subject line: MISSION MPG.

Earn Well-Deserved Safety Recognition — Plus a Little Bling

When PAM drivers complete one year of driving without a single accident or incident, they receive a stainless steel Safe Driver Ring. One small diamond is added to the ring for each year of accident/incident free driving for the next eight years. When truck drivers reach the 10-year mark without an incident or accident, one large center diamond is added. 

But the safe driving rewards don’t stop at 10 years. The more years of incident-free miles you rack up, the more bling you can earn, including a gold Seiko watch and a gold ring!

Just ask Clyde Hill, a Driver Mentor who has competed for several years in the Arkansas State Truck Driving Championship. He now has more than five years of accident/incident free driving under his belt at PAM.

“That ring is a nice recognition for doing what you try to do on a daily basis,” Clyde said, “which is to try and make sure that you are able to get to and from each destination safely.”

PAM Rewards Truck Drivers With More Pay All Year Long

Unlike some companies that only hand out bonuses during the holidays, PAM rewards top performers all year long with:

  • Quarterly Mentor bonuses, $450 for every successful student upgrade on top of regular pay.
  • Company Solo OTR bonuses, which can add up to $2,500 for miles run per quarter.
  • Quarterly Referral bonuses, plus the chance to win an extra $2,500 in RPM contest cash.
  • Annual Solo OTR Driver CPM rate increases, up to $0.45 CPM.

And that’s just the tip of the value iceberg for truck drivers who partner with PAM. Learn more about our new quarterly bonus opportunities by visiting

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