Introducing the New Solo OTR Pay Scale

On March 6, PAM officially raised the base pay cap for our Company Solo OTR Drivers. Why? Because our Driver Advisory Council said it was time to raise the pay bar for OTR truck drivers who are essential to keeping…
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PAM’s 40 Year Working Anniversary

Milestones like your 40 year working anniversary should always be cause for celebration. Here at PAM, we couldn’t be more excited to celebrate our 40th! In those 40 years, we’ve seen a lot. We’ve weathered the attacks on the world…
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How Does PAM Honor Drivers For Driver Appreciation Week?

This is the year everyone should thank a driver. Our country’s drivers have overcome incredible logistical and safety hurdles due to COVID-19 to move essential groceries, protective masks, and life-saving healthcare equipment into the hands of those who need them…
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A Heartfelt Message From PAM President & CEO

Sometimes tough decisions have to be made to ensure business survival in uncertain times. PAM’s President and CEO Dan Cushman recently shared his thoughts on making these critical decisions to keep the company moving forward in the current Coronavirus-induced recession.…
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The PAM Driver Referral Contest Winners

The PAM RPM Driver Referral Program is a great way for PAM drivers to earn extra money by referring drivers to PAM for year-round and summer driving jobs.extra money. Bonuses for successful driver referrals range from $1,000 to $1,800 per…
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PAM Pay Increases for OTR Drivers and Owner-Operators

40% Increase in Driver Pay | PAM TransportWe're pleased to announce an increase in the mileage rate of pay for both our Company Drivers and Contract Drivers operating within our fleet. The increase will affect most of the company’s driving…
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Well Done, MISSION MPG Honda ATV Winners!

Four fuel-efficient PAM drivers won Honda ATVs from Rainbow Honda during 2016's MISSION MPG Giveaway. Eighteen PAM drivers qualified for the drawing by making it to the top 10% of PAM’s company fleet when it comes to fuel efficiency. All received bonuses and…
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