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When an offer sounds too good to be true, it probably is, especially for truck drivers. New drivers fresh out of school may find a transportation job where they can learn and grow from more experienced colleagues. Sometimes they are lured away to another transport company by higher CPM promises. And then, they get their first paycheck and realize they are actually earning less than their first job. 

Why? Because high CPM does not necessarily mean a bigger paycheck. Many transportation companies do not offer enough miles and earning opportunities for the CPM to add up to more pay. Or they fail to offer real pay incentives, such as fuel efficiency bonuses, a per diem program, or a competitive benefits package.

Skeptical? Here’s an example. Richard is a PAM driver who was lured away as a company driver by big pay promises, but then found out that the grass is not always greener on the other side.

Richard came back to PAM because of the numerous pay incentives, bonuses, and great miles for truck drivers who are looking for real pay. Now, he’s back at PAM as an Owner Operator in the LTO program, running a lane that works for him and his family.

“Pay per mile is a measuring stick for all of us,” PAM’s CEO, Joe Vitiritto explains, in his March edition of Straight Talk. “But just as crucially important is what is in my paycheck each and every week. You must understand your net pay each week because that is what pays the bills.”

Real Pay Talk From PAM

Daryl Chappell, PAM Media Production Coordinator, shares a few words of wisdom for young truck drivers who may be tempted to chase higher CPM, when they could be earning bigger paychecks at PAM.

When I took up photography when I was younger, I bought my first serious camera and two kit lenses from my photographer uncle. At the time, the camera and lenses were a few years old. But even though they were well-used, they worked just fine. But I was tempted to buy new lenses. Fortunately, my uncle helped me understand new lenses with cool features weren’t going to improve my basic skills and would cost me money in the long run.

His parting instructions to me were, “Daryl, if you keep chasing the next best thing, you’re never going to develop the most important tool you have as a photographer: your skills. If you’re serious, you need to work with what you have until you’ve mastered it. Then, pick up new gear and grow some more.”

What does this have to do with truck driver pay? Well, some drivers come to PAM with little or no experience, and some are straight out of driving school. After a few short months of driving, many think they’ve got it all figured out. Then some recruiter at a truck stop promises them the moon along with high CPM. They soon realize that CPM does not equal a bigger paycheck.

You see, after just a few short months as a new photographer, I thought I had it figured out. But I had not learned to honestly assess my own work. I could not see or understand the areas where I needed to grow without reaching out for help.

At PAM, our most successful drivers have learned they can earn more by being consistent, steadfast, dependable, coachable, and a team player. At times, they were sorely tempted to jump ship and go to another company because they were having difficulties. But in the long run, none regret staying at PAM. Change for change’s sake is rarely a wise decision.

At PAM, we are committed to setting our drivers up for success. We work together as a family, which is why we call ourselves the PAMily. Even during some tough economic times, PAM has continued to provide for our families and we’ve taken care of one another. 

That’s why the grass is greener at PAM. And we back up our talk with real pay.

How Truck Drivers Earn More at PAM

PAM offers numerous bonus opportunities for truck drivers to earn a better paycheck. From quarterly OTR bonuses to mentor bonuses to fuel incentives, we back up our pay talk with real opportunities for our drivers to live their best lives. 

PAM bonus opportunities include:

  • NEW! Memorial Day Double Miles:
    Company Solo OTR and Company Team OTR drivers who are dispatched on loads the day before, day of, or day after Memorial Day get double miles towards their achievement of the performance bonus.
  • Company Solo OTR Bonus
    Company Solo OTR drivers can cash in on up to $2,500 for the miles they run between now and July 2, 2021.
  • Company Team OTR Bonus
    Company Team OTR drivers are eligible for a $5,000 team bonus, based on the miles they run between now and July 2.
  • MISSION MPG Bonuses
    Earn up to $3,200 in annual fuel bonus payouts, plus thousands in cash and prizes at our annual MISSION MPG event!
  • Mentor Bonus
    Get an additional $.10 CPM by becoming a mentor. Plus, you can earn $1,500 when you pick up your first student.

Learn more by visiting our Bonus Information page!

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