Profiles: PAM Drivers of the Year

We’re proud to announce PAM Drivers of the Year for 2015! These hardworking, professional drivers set the standard for all of us here at PAM.

Driver of the Year 2015 — Mike Slocum

Driver of the Year

PAM President & CEO Dan Cushman, PAM Driver of the Year Mike Slocum, and PAM COO Matt Herndon.

Mike has been driving for PAM Transport since January, 2015.

Mike drives the Avilla, Ind. to Louisville, Ky. Ford dedicated route. This lane requires extreme dedication from a very responsible individual that has exceptional communication skills as well as a phenomenal work ethic. The drivers on this route drive Monday through Saturday, picking up every day out of Avilla.

Mike always calls in first thing in the morning. He will always communicate everything needed. Even if he is running exactly on time and perhaps technically ahead of schedule, to him that is running late. He is one of the drivers that gives PAM a reputation for service!

Mike’s father, Don Slocum, has been driving for PAM for many years and has taught Mike some very useful tips.

Congratulations to Mike on becoming one of PAM’s Drivers of the Year— definitely a job well done!

Team of the Year 2015 — Herbert Dieter and Gregory Porinchak

Team of the Year

PAM President & CEO Dan Cushman, PAM Team of the Year Greg Porinchak and Herb Dieter, and PAM COO Matt Herndon.

Herb Dieter and Greg Porinchak have been with PAM for over 10 years. During that time, they have become one of our best teams.

Herb and Greg exemplify what a professional driver is and are a examples of the tremendous success a PAM team can achieve.

Both drivers want to share credit with their driver manager, Melanie Phelan, and load planners Sam Henson and Lynn Murphy. “We would not be team of the year without the great people we work with on a daily basis,” said Greg. “Everyone pitches in to maximize our miles. Herb and I love that we can stay out as long as we want, get the miles we need and when we want home they make it happen.”

When Herb and Greg are not running up and down the road, Greg loves fishing and cooking. His favorite dish is Fettuccini Alfredo with shrimp. He and his family are planning a vacation to the Florida Keys and he plans on eating as much seafood as possible.

Herb enjoys being out on the road and says that being nominated for Team of the Year was a pleasant surprise. “We are just out doing our job,” he said. “Every day is different and I can’t think of a better way to make a living.”

We’re glad to have you as a part of the PAM team, Herb and Greg. Congratulations!

Trainer of the Year 2015 — Sergio Magallon

Trainer of the Year

PAM Trainer of the Year Sergio Magallon and PAM COO Matt Herndon.

Sergio has been a trainer for PAM Transport’s Mentor Program since January 24, 2014.

In that time, he is credited with helping 72 students successfully pass upgrade and get out on the road in their own trucks. Knowing the importance of safety and communication with driver managers to a driver’s success, Sergio works hard to make sure his students understand these concepts.

Sergio is always working to make sure he stays moving by calling early to communicate ETAs to deliver and working with his driver manager to plan out his trips to optimize his miles.

Sergio also teaches the importance of flexibility to his students. Consistently going the extra mile, he will push his home time and stay out for longer stretches to help train extra students or help make sure freight is delivered so that PAM customers are properly serviced.

Sergio consistently demonstrates exemplary performance and is an example of the standard of service all our professional drivers should maintain. Sergio’s efforts as a driver mentor, as well as his dedication to clear communication and exceptional service, makes him a great addition to the PAM fleet.

These qualities have made Sergio our Trainer of the Year. Congratulations to Sergio on this superb accomplishment!

How Do You Become One of PAM’s Drivers of the Year?

To be considered as one of PAM’s Drivers of the Year, you first have to become a Driver or Team of the Month.

To become a Driver or Team of the Month, drivers are nominated by their driver manager in recognition of performance that is outstanding among their peers. Nominations are then sent to Safety to ensure the driver hasn’t had any accidents, incidents, or complaints during the last 12 months.

The 10 best nominees each month are then selected and sent to four other departments for scoring. Drivers are scored from 1 to 10 with 1 being the best.

The driver(s) with the lowest score between the four departments wins Driver or Team of the Month and receives a $100 bonus, a plaque with a letter from PAM President & CEO Dan Cushman, and is entered in the running for to become one of our Drivers of the Year.

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