Driver Onboarding

The Face of PAM Transport:
An Interview with Recruiter, Barbara Chambers and Owner Operator, Juan Balvuene

At PAM, we pride ourselves on our efforts to support all of our drivers. Our behind the scenes team works diligently to make sure that things run as smoothly as possible from driver onboarding to the driver’s seat. The team that interacts with our drivers from the very beginning is recruitment. They are often the first point of contact and pave the way for a smooth ride through the onboarding process and, sometimes, beyond. How do they support our drivers? Here are a few ways:

Building Relationships

Relationships are the name of the game for Barbara, a seasoned PAM recruiter. Says Barbara, “Everyone is different, so it is important to enjoy the differences.” She has a few goals that help her in the process of relationship building. She strives to:

  • Find out what the new driver wants and see how it aligns with PAM’s needs and requirements,
  • Get, and give, enough information for all parties to be equipped to make informed  decisions, and
  • Walk them, step-by-step, through the driver onboarding process.

For a potential driver, these things are quite valuable. Juan Balvuene, an owner operator who works frequently with Barbara, says her support is key to his success. Starting at PAM and driving for them his rookie year, he knows the importance of a knowledgeable recruiter. And, now, as an owner operator, he works with Barbara in a different capacity by sending his new drivers to her for driver onboarding assistance. 

Building Trust

Both Juan and Barbara also acknowledge the necessity of developing trust with drivers. The way Barbara approaches this is two fold: Honesty and Responsiveness.

  • Honesty: When Barbara is first beginning a relationship with a new or potential driver, she does a lot of listening. “I want to understand their pain points, so I can see if I can help them,” she explains. This allows Barbara to be honest about any potential roadblocks she sees in the driver onboarding process. “If I see red flags, I will be honest about it.” That way, if those obstacles can be overcome, the driver knows that they can trust PAM to be honest with them about the positive things as well. Juan adds that this level of trust has led to his long-standing relationship with Barbara.
  • Responsiveness: Barbara also strives to respond to her recruits as quickly as possible, which Juan finds extremely important. Her working relationship with Juan mirrors her relationship with other drivers/owner operators. “I try to respond as quickly as possible to requests and do my best to accommodate any preferred style of communication. Text, calls, emails, apps – whichever is the fastest way to communicate, I use it.” Her responsiveness is particularly important to Juan because he works with several different drivers. He cites her ability to answer any questions he may have quickly as one way he counts on her to support him. He shares that Barbara is “always there,” is “fast and persistent,” and she rarely takes longer than 10 minutes to respond. 

Building Careers

Top-of-the-line recruiters who welcome both new and seasoned drivers to our PAMily is just one way we support our drivers and their goals. Whether this is a new career or just a new start, we are committed to making the process of getting from onboarding to on-the-road as smooth as possible. Are you interested in learning more about all the great career opportunities available? Give us a call at (866) 401-2496 and we’ll get you connected to one of our stellar recruiters today.

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