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PAM Wants to Get Truck Drivers, Employees Home Safely for the Holidays

When PAM truck driver and mentor Chad Shelton’s truck broke down just two days before Christmas, he thought he was going to spend the holidays at the repair shop, instead of at home with his family. Fortunately, he reached out to his PAM driver support team to get the help he needed to get home and enjoy the holidays with his family.

“The truck broke down in San Antonio just before Christmas in 2012,” Chad says in an interview with Driver Solutions. “My mentee and I were sitting there at the international dealership on a Saturday morning. We called in and PAM put us in touch with the operations supervisor, our vice president of maintenance and PAM Road Rescue. They got us into a truck right away and got the truck ready to roll so quickly I was home by noon on December 24.”

To Chad, this is just one example of the high level of respect that the PAM support teams and staff have for their truck drivers.

“You gotta respect that support team,” he says. “When you’re on the road you’ve got a gigantic support team behind you.”

At PAM, we’re working hard to get other drivers like Chad home for the holidays this year. It’s priority number one for our president and CEO, Joe Vitiritto.

Christmas Message to Truck Drivers from PAM President/CEO Joe Vitiritto 

Joe just posted a special holiday message for our valued truck drivers on Facebook. Here are the highlights:

Our drivers deserve a special shoutout for what they have done to go above and beyond to keep America moving. We couldn’t do any of this without all the men and women who sacrifice for our customers, our business, and this great country. Thank you!

Holidays and families are important to us at PAM — and especially to me. My promise to you: we will make sure we do our part to get those of you who want to be with your family over the holidays home and on time. 

Make sure if we do our part, that you do your part and get home safely and come out of the house when you commit to coming out.

Be safe out there. Your family, your PAM family, and all those out on the road with you are counting on you to keep safety first in everything you do. 

Keys to staying are going to be to give yourselves plenty of time to get where you need to be. Think of speed for conditions. Slower is better. Give yourself a safe out in any situation.

We all are counting on you here. Have safe and happy holidays. We are going to continue to do all we can every day to make PAM the best it has ever been for our drivers and employees.

Thank you all and happy holidays.

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Respect: it’s what separates PAM from other trucking companies when it comes to how we treat our truck drivers and other valued employees. That respect is why we’re so committed to getting our drivers home for the holidays.

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