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Unlocking Potential: The Weekly Performance Pay Program for Our Company Drivers

At PAM Transport we believe in rewarding exceptional performance behind the wheel. That’s why our Weekly Performance Pay Program is designed for our Company Solo Dedicated Drivers, Company Solo OTR Drivers, and Company Driver Mentors.

We introduced the program in December 2023, with the goal of allowing drivers to earn more money by capitalizing on their own performance metrics. Shifting from monthly to weekly pay, drivers now have more opportunities to see the results of their hard work sooner. The easily trackable system allows drivers to monitor their progress and understand how they could improve to maximize their earnings.

Maximizing Your Earnings with Weekly Performance Pay

Each week, drivers who hit all three performance measures- safety, fuel, and productivity are eligible for up to an additional .10 CPM that is paid out the following week. Drivers will get a fresh start every Sunday to earn the performance pay for that week.

The first measure is Safety. Drivers must have no preventable accidents, no CSA violations (excluding brakes), or moving/non-moving citations.

Fuel efficiency matters too. Meeting the MPG baseline is key for eligibility. This baseline is recalibrated quarterly to accommodate seasonal changes.

Productivity rounds off the trio. Drivers must reach mileage minimums to qualify for that week’s performance pay, calculated based on completed loads.

For Company Solo OTR Drivers, there are two performance tiers. The first level earns an additional .08 CPM, and the second level earns an additional .10 CPM depending on weekly miles that are calculated on completed loads for the week. Company Solo Dedicated & Company Mentors hitting completed miles can earn an extra .04 CPM.

Ways to Increase MPG

There are many factors that can impact the fuel efficiency of a tractor, but there are a few things drivers can control to help increase their fuel efficiency. The American Transportation Research Institute found that drivers who were the most fuel efficient consistently:

  • Maintained a steady speed and avoided high RPMs
  • Utilized cruise control whenever possible.
  • Minimized the amount of time spent idling, and
  • Minimized the number of sudden decelerations and accelerations
  • Maintained proper tire inflation

Drivers can easily track their performance and earnings through PAM connect. This platform provides detailed insights into their weekly performance pay, helping them stay on top of their goals and achievements. On the main page of their dashboard, drivers can see their safety standings, current miles for the week, and current MPG.

“Even though I keep track myself sometimes it is just a mistake of not adding miles right or forgetting that I completed a load, it’s nice that (PAM Connect) does update when you complete a load.” Says PAM Company OTR Driver, Adam M.  

Small changes in your driving habits can lead to maximizing your weekly earnings. These practices not only lead to weekly earnings but promote safer driving.

For questions regarding the program, please contact Driver Resources at