Congratulations to Our PAM Photo Contest Winners!

We’re PAM proud to announce the winners of our 2019 PAM Year in Rearview Photo Contest. These winners just put hundreds of dollars in their pockets! Congratulations to our $500 first-place winners Jeffery Alford, Raymond White, and Victor Montanez.

Here are the winning photos for each contest category.

American Adventures 1st Place Winner: $500

Jeffery Alford won first prize for this shot of his American adventure: “Gazing upon Mount Shasta, looking forward to the journey ahead.”

  • 2nd Place ($250)
    • James Freano: “The Great Salt Lake”
  • 3rd Place ($100)
    • Zeabulon Thomas: “Layover in Buffalo? Let’s take a trip to Niagara Falls!”
  • 4th Place ($50) 
    • Shane Mammano: “Had to admire the sunrise in Utah.”
  • 5th Place ($50) 
    • Lindsay Bauer: “Rest area near Salina, Utah”

Friends on the Road 1st Place Winner: $500

Raymond White just won first prize for this photo of his friend on the road: “My friend and PAM Patriot Ride Ambassador, Steven Reeves, sharing our appreciation with military veterans at the Laredo terminal.”

  • 2nd Place ($250) 
    • Brandyn Gallagher: “Mind if I wait for Road Rescue with you?”
  • 3rd Place ($100) 
    • Kristen Carpino: “Caught up with Mama in Atlanta!”
  • 4th Place ($50) 
    • Julian Cox: “Me and Dad at Road Ranger in New Boston, Texas”
  • 5th Place ($50) 
    • Mary Click: “Mother/Daughter reunion”

Home Away From Home 1st Place Winner: $500

Victor Montanez just won first place for his shot of his creative home away from home: “My Purple Dungeon.”

  • 2nd Place ($250): Brandyn Gallagher – “Dinner is served.”
  • 3rd Place ($100): Harry Gilmore – “Healthy eating: Buffalo salmon and shrimp lettuce wraps”
  • 4th Place ($50): Kenneth Andrews – “Brats, beans, and cheesy bacon fries”
  • 5th Place ($50): Kenneth Andrews – “Brats, butter noodles, and beef stew”

Many thanks to our PAM drivers for sharing their 2019 on-the-road adventures. Keep snapping in 2020 for your chance to win BIG cash prizes.

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